SCA committees could benefit from the assistance of experienced grant writers towards applying for community funds available to develop and improve areas within the Salem neighborhood. Please email if you’re interested in helping.


Chair – Sam Shy

Area plantings and litter cleanups are occasional.  Provide your contact information if you wish to participate and have ideas to share.


Chair – Charlene Combs (

Newsletter Editor – Leslie Baab (, 781-1097)

The Salem Lamplighter, is a bi-monthly newsletter distributed to Salem’s 880 residents and 120 businesses, plus other affiliations beyond the neighborhood.

SCA is always seeking writers to write short articles on subjects of interest to the community—interesting people, interesting jobs, business profiles, and other topics as they might arise. The work would not be onerous—some time spent in research/interviews and some in writing—and would not occur all that often.  We can use your help to make the Lamplighter as good as it can be and to bring our community closer together.

Photographers are also needed for special events coverage.

Development Representative at NCC (Vice President)

Steve Baker

Northland Community Council (NCC) meetings are held the last Wednesday of every month at Minerva Park Community Center.  You can also become a backup volunteer to attend these meetings on behalf of SCA.

Feral Cats, Catch-Neuter-Release Program

Chair – Rae Kirkbride (

In cooperation with Cat Welfare and S.O.S., Salem Civic has successfully fund raised $3,000+ towards the effort of reducing feral cat population explosions in the neighborhood.  The extraordinarily reduced costs achieved through these affiliations per animal are $10  to spay/neuter, and $5 feline leukemia inoculations and flea treatments.

Volunteers are always needed to help with capture, transport, and after-care of ferals.  Donations for veterinary costs, food donations, trapping equipment and housing constructions are always welcomed.  Please report suspected feral colonies or individual animals immediately so we can stay ahead of overpopulation.

An unspayed female cat, her mate and all of their offspring, producing 2 litters per year, with 2.8 surviving kittens per litter can total:

1 Year: 12 Cats
2 Years: 67 Cats
3 Years: 378 Cats
4 Years: 2,107 Cats
5 Years: 11,801 Cats
6 Years: 66,088 Cats
7 Years: 370,002


Chair – Brenda Baker (885-9560)

The Salem Civic Association Historian is looking for your memories of area landmarks from days gone by.  Submit stories and photos for a timeline and share with your neighbors about the area’s development.  Help us remember our neighborhood’s past so we can build an even brighter future!  Email


Chair – Brenda Baker (885-9560)

Serving light refreshments at general monthly meetings, bi-monthly schedule for fundraiser dinner meetings, organizing random potlucks and other food related functions; volunteers with food prep and venue set up / clean up are always welcomed.

Safety & Block Watch

Chair – Holly Rast

SRB (Strategic Response Bureau) monthly meetings are held at 1120 Morse Rd. on 3rd Tuesday.  You can become a backup volunteer to attend these meeting on behalf of SCA.

Salem Strollers

Chair – Chris Rudin (436-0793)

A walking group regularly meeting in the neighborhood.


Chair – Dan Goeller (885-1578) (seeking others to help)

Refer to events schedule.  Ideas and volunteers welcomed.

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