Please share your photos and stories about the neighborhood  and residents starting at least from the 1950’s through today.  We would like to present more about the changes over all these years.

Do you remember the old Polo Fields? What about Z & L Lumber or Scots Inn? Maybe you have photos of I-71 being built or the early days of Salem Elementary school.

Email (with attachments) to salemcivicassn@gmail.com or mail to

SCA History, PO Box 26632, Columbus, OH  43226-0632.

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  1. Bob Schweickart says:

    Can’t offer much, but I did work at Z&L Lumber for a few months while in high school. 1967 I believe. Pretty nice place to work except for the humorless manager Howard – can’t remember his last name.
    Remember there was a drive-thru liquor store next door.
    When I was in school at St. Michael’s, every year they held a fund raiser rodeo at the polo club.

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